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North American Interfaith Network

We affirm humanity’s diverse and historic spiritual resources


Greetings Dear People:
I am happy to announce that the North American Interfaith Network has created a part-time position as a NAIN Consultant.
This is indicative of major changes happening at NAIN.  
We had a major retreat in November with days devoted to critical planning for the future of Interfaith Relations in North America.  This resulted in strategic goals and planning that is very exciting.
Please review the job announcement and feel free to pass it on!
We have a lot of work to do in our care for life and the planet.  We are rising up to this opportunity, together!

And STAY TUNED for information about this year's NAINConnect!
Many blessings,
Alan Scott Bachman, Chair, NAIN

 The Network recognizes and affirms humanity’s diverse and historic spiritual resources and bring these to bear in resolving contemporary global, national, regional and local issues.