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Board Retreat 2008


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Wow! We had a wonderful experience at the NAIN 2008 board Retreat. Our hosts and the setting were so very special.

And we really accomplished a lot of important work together toward our next few years.

Bettina commented that she hoped that we would have truly functional committees during her term as Chair. And what a jump start we made toward that goal!

Now we need to grow into the consciousness of committee-based Board work, so that we trust the committees to actually function and we make sure that the ones we sit on really do.

This sort of de-centralized functioning is really essential to our growth. Most of us are so used to ‘running the show’ all of the time. I hope that we can let go of ownership of all of the Board functions and let each committee thrive.

Kudos to Tracy Wells for jump-starting us on the road to a more interesting web presence. It is a marvelous experiment.

NAIN Connect 2008

We left our hearts in San Francisco!

This 20th anniversary Connect drew about 150 registrants Eighty presenters informed three dozen workshops, four assemblies, and early morning/late evening meditation sessions. (Workshop descriptions, many with blogs attached, are still accessible at

Our annual Meeting featured the election of the new Board, the passing of the baton from retiring Chair Mike Goggin to current Chair Bettina Gray, and the welcoming of new member organizations. Next year’s Connect, to be held in Kansas City, Missouri, next June was previewed by Susan Cook and Peter Laurence.

An initial banquet celebrated the 20th anniversary of NAIN. An optional evening cruise on the Bay and a morning tour of Muir Woods added to the color of our setting. A final banquet honored Huston Smith.

See you next year in Kansas City!