The All Faith Center, whose doors are open to all, provides a multi-faith sacred place to come for worship, dialogue and learning. We are here to honor all faith paths, celebrate humanity’s oneness, to educate the public about the world’s religions and to sow the seeds of peace, kindness and cooperation throughout the world.

We see the ALL FAITH CENTER as a role model facility and a place where individual & Interfaith Worship can occur. The Center will be a resource and educational facility offering world religion classes, guest speakers, community workshops, creative arts and cultural events, discussions, panels and dialogs on issues from each faith’s perspective. All interfaith groups and organizations are welcome to use this space for meetings and events. We envision an international cafe, library, high tech media center, book store, flower and vegetable gardens, meditation garden to walk around, labyrinth, playground and courts for children as well as creative arts for children and adults. We see a variety of wholistic, healing, spiritual groups also sharing and supporting this space.

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