America’s Interfaith Infrastructure – A Pilot Study

Harvard’s Pluralism Project has released a report of its pilot study of America’s Interfaith Infrastructure covering 20 US cities.  The report website includes a rich interactive menu with a directory of organizations, case studies, practices and profiles and multi-media clips.

The Interfaith Infrastructure Study, a pilot initiative of The Pluralism Project, documents this exponential growth of interfaith initiatives and considers the implications of our multi-religious reality for citizenship and leadership today and in the future. America’s Interfaith Infrastructure: An Emerging Landscape is the web-based result of this study, incorporating quantitative and qualitative analysis of interfaith initiatives in twenty American cities. The promising practices, leadership profiles, case studies, stories, and maps from these cities reveal a kaleidoscope of individuals and communities who engage with one another to tackle issues of social import, invite each other to share in acts of hospitality, and learn from one another about the traditions and inspirations that bring them to a common table.

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