Board Retreat 2008


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Wow! We had a wonderful experience at the NAIN 2008 board Retreat. Our hosts and the setting were so very special.

And we really accomplished a lot of important work together toward our next few years.

Bettina commented that she hoped that we would have truly functional committees during her term as Chair. And what a jump start we made toward that goal!

Now we need to grow into the consciousness of committee-based Board work, so that we trust the committees to actually function and we make sure that the ones we sit on really do.

This sort of de-centralized functioning is really essential to our growth. Most of us are so used to ‘running the show’ all of the time. I hope that we can let go of ownership of all of the Board functions and let each committee thrive.

Kudos to Tracy Wells for jump-starting us on the road to a more interesting web presence. It is a marvelous experiment.

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