Connect Report from Elías González Gómez

We received this in depth and touching report from Elías González Gómez, one of the Young Adult Scholars, and a representative from Member of Carpe Diem Interfé Foundation, interfaith organization, host of our Connect 2016 in Guadalajara.  The dates of next year’s Connect are July 10-13.  Mark your calendar now!

I believe that reading this report will not only permit a view through the eyes of one of our scholars, but also give a glimmering of the enthusiasm that we will experience in our first Connect in Mexico.  This has long been a NAIN dream.

Is easy to getElias lost among so many richness of colors, words and sounds. The wandering on the land of nostalgia is normal when the trip starts in the kingdom of hope and continues to the territory of what is possible. A few months ago I sent my application for the Young Adults scholarship that NAIN (North American Interfaith Network) offers to the young people that are involve in the interfaith movement in North America. The hope became desire when the NAIN members attended the II Universal Multicultural Dialogue (DMU in Spanish) in my natal city, Guadalajara, Mexico. Hearing their experiences and their way of working, I could not help but falling in love with the idea of being present in this event, this year, in Regina, Canada, from 19 to 22 of July, and feeding myself with all this knowledge from more than 25 years of work.  Read more here.


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