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Regina NAINConnect 2015NAINConnect 2015 in Regina: Restoring Spirit Through Sacred Listening

Photos by Greg Harder link.
Connect Report Paul Chaffee link
Connect Report Elías González Gómez link

nain-homepage-slider-2014-ConnectNAINConnect 2014 in Detroit, Aug 10 – 13: Bridging Borders and Boundaries

NAIN Photos: Sunday  Monday  Tuesday  NAIN coverage in the Toledo Blade.
First part of the report [Evenings and Tours]: NAINConnect14Report1   Workshops

Saturday Night Dinner and Sunday Nature Walk

NAINConnect 2013 in Toronto, “Diversity is our Strength”


Connecting in Atlanta

NAINConnect 2012 July 15-1:  “Creating Interfaith-Friendly Cities and the Beloved World Community”,  Atlanta Report

NAINConnect2012 – Report by Chair Rob Hankinson

NAINConnect 2011

NAINConnect 2011 July 24-26: “Many People, Many Faiths – One Common Principle, THE GOLDEN RULE”, Phoenix Report