Golden Rule Projects

Golden Rule Project Panel

Golden Rule Project Panel

“The Golden Rule Projects are about to become a Movement.”  –Paul McKenna

  • Barb Dornan, Designated Sacred Space, Saskatchewan, Canada discussed a synergy wheel of the Golden rule and showed slides of their Sacred space project  Multi-Faith Brochure . 
  • Paul McKenna, Interfaith Office, Scarboro Missions, Scarborough ON, Canada Paul discussed the Golden Rule Poster and associated projects to animate it and create curriculum based on it. Mussie Hailu is a key interfaith activist in Ethiopia and across Africa. He has circulated 20,000 golden rule posters, adapted from the Scarboro Missions  poster, around the world.
  • Bonnie Phillips, The Golden Rule Project, Salt Lake City The Golden Rule Project, begun in November 2003, produced a 16 formulation document of the Golden Rule as a piece of art. The resulting illustrated documents have been placed free in 500-600 schools.  The artistic documents may be found at
  • Dr. Paul Eppinger, Exec. Dir., Arizona Interfaith Movement created a Golden rule license plate.  The funds raised to start were $32,000.  The plates sell for $25 of which the Interfaith Movement receives $17.  They now receive $12,000 – $15,000 per month from the state.  Using the funds they have put a video on TV and in theaters.  Two million people saw the ad.  They want to work on a Scouts Interfaith Badge.
  1. Wonderful project for interfaith harmony.

    Are all license plates in Arizona the Golden Rule license plates?

    • I am not sure, but I think they are a special plate. In any case, they are raising significant funds to do interfaith work. Good for them.

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