What would the world be like if every person on the planet lived according to the Golden Rule?

New Golden Rule art exercise and lesson plan

From Paul McKenna, Scarboro Missions Interfaith Dept., NAIN Member Organization

In this newly-published art exercise and lesson plan, young people are invited to envision a world in which every person lives according to the golden rule. Next, they are asked to depict what they have imagined or envisioned by creating a piece of art.

Accordingly, character education is engendered in young people using the methods of play, fun, creativity and the arts.

We at Scarboro Missions have found this exercise to be very helpful in supporting young people to imagine and create a world characterized by cooperation, social justice, non-violence, global consciousness and a sustainable physical environment.

This exercise can easily be adapted to address the Green Rule: What would the world be like if every person on the planet made a special effort to protect and care for the environment? For more information on this greening exercise, see the art exercise/lesson plan.

If appropriate, please forward to educators, youth workers and interfaith leaders in your network of colleagues. Please feel free to post a link to your website.

The exercise is also available in Word — this format makes for a much cleaner and crisper print copy when dowloaded. For your convenience, the lesson plan is also available in pdf format.

Geared to both schools and youth groups, this exercise can be viewed or downloaded free of charge by clicking this link:


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