Mission Statement

InterFaith Works of Central New York, through education, service and dialogue, affirms the dignity of each person and every faith community and works to create relationships and understanding among us.

Vision Statement

InterFaith Works wills and works to affirm the rich diversity of people who comprise the human family of Central New York.  We aspire to create a community in which:

The beliefs held by people of faith, traditional and non-traditional, are honestly and openly explored;

Ample opportunities are provided to recognize, affirm and honor the different life expressions, which, taken together in their rich variety, unite human beings;

Full and equal participation extends to the dispossessed, no less than the privileged, demonstrated through working with and serving diverse populations, including:  people with disabilities; elderly people; the ill, the incarcerated, the institutionalized; strangers in our midst;

Conflict leads to growth, not harm; but, if harm occurs, collective efforts are made to repair the breach through inter-religious and inter-racial dialogue, cooperation, and community building;

By working together, fully respecting the honest differences within our diverse traditions, we speak to critical issues with common voice and moral authority, confident that we are stronger than when we work separately and alone.

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