NAIN responds to the Nightclub Shooting in Orlando, Florida


The Board of Directors of the North American Interfaith Network (NAIN), indeed all NAIN’s member organizations and associate members, join in creaturely solidarity with the loved ones of the victims who were viciously, heartlessly attacked or killed this past Sunday at the Pulse Club in Orlando, Florida.

Like all those who promote peace and goodwill we are shocked and dismayed by this cruel act of inhumanity toward others, especially to our sisters and brothers in the LGBTQI community. That this violence should have occurred in a month that celebrates Pride week throughout North America only deepens our despair. That this violence has been politicized by a certain campaigner for national leadership only compounds our abhorrence.

Our commitment to “build bridges of inter-religious understanding and cooperation and service” is only made more necessary and vital in this hour. Our desire for a continent (indeed a world) known by its peace and justice and compassion is only made more fervent by this most tragic moment.

We join our prayers and our lives with all those who are in sorrow. We stand with all those who say NO to injustice and violence, bigotry and hatred. We are in community with all those who say YES to the promise and the hope that violence, like “war may haunt the earth no more and desolation cease”*.

*   R.B.Y. Scott,  “O Day of God, Draw Nigh” (1937)

Rob Hankinson,

Chair of NAIN (2012-2016),


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