NAIN Response to the tragic shootings in Wisconsin

The North American Interfaith Network expresses its compassionate concern to all injured and to those suffering loss as a result of this unconscionable event.

Rob Hankinson, Chair
North American Interfaith Network

David Dalley posted a question on Facebook in response to my post asking that we wrap the Sikh community in prayer: “Is anyone out there planning any interfaith events around this? Peace prayers? Some way of standing in solidarity with our Sikh brothers and sisters? We are exploring doing something in Surrey, BC where we have a very large Sikh community. I’m curious to hear what others are doing.”

  1. S.A.R.A.H. is encouraging people all over the country to find a gurdwara and stop in to show their love, compassion and solidarity. Simple, yet necessary. In Orange County, Ca we are taking a constituency of SARAH Sisters to the local temple tomorrow morning. We are considering a “Understanding Sikhism” educational program.

  2. There are several events planned in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas in California. There is an interfaith gathering in support of the Sikh community is Los Angeles tonight, the Orange County Human Relations is also in the planning stages of putting together an interfaith event. S.A.R.A.H. will be supporting a prayer and candle light vigil at the Sikh Temple of Orange County in Santa Ana, CA.