Breaking News! Invitation to all Parliament Attendees

Lunch with NAIN (BYOL)

NAIN will be sharing display space at an Interfaith table with Wisdom Circle Ministries, URI and Charter for Compassion near the main entrance to the Salt Palace Convention Center at the Parliament of the World Religions. Drop by any time to grab a NAIN postcard and see previews of upcoming Connects.

We are especially inviting attendees to have “Lunch with NAIN [BYOL]” in this space on Sun., Oct. 18, from 12:45 to 1:30.  Board members will be on hand to share stories about NAIN’s history and mission and to invite NAIN membership and attendance to the NAINConnect 2016, July 10-13, in Guadalajara and the NAINConnect 2017, August 6-10, in San Diego.

If you are attending the Parliament of the World’s Religions Oct. 15-19, we hope to see yo there.

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