Observing September 11

Compassion Games logo 2015by Judy Lee Trautman, a NAIN Communication Chair, Co-Chair of the MultiFaith Council of NW Ohio and its Compassionate Community Initiative

The global Compassionate Cities are observing September 11 by the start of the Compassion Games.  The Compassionate Cities highlight compassionate action in their communities and record numbers of volunteers, volunteer hours, number of those served, and the dollars or items collected.  They coopetete within their communities and with the other Compassionate Cities to prove they are the most compassionate city.  Of course, in this kind of game, EVERYBODY WINS!

Although the concept of the games originated with a challenge from Compassionate Louisville, there are Leagues other than Cities.  Details of all the Compassion Games may be found at http://compassiongames.org

The games extend from 9/11, US International Day of Service, though 9/21, International Peace Day.  It is a wonderful way to commemorate a day that was marked by terrorism and now can encourage peace.

In my community, Greater Toledo, Ohio, we gather together a large list of compassion providers and highlight their work during the eleven day window.  We kick off with a small media conference, followed by putting our compassion in action.  Groups of volunteers will fan out in two urban neighborhoods to do a cleanup for our neighbors.

Last year we were thrilled to have 40 registered local games.  I am happy to add that this year we have 53 and counting.  The games range from food and clothing drives, to diversity festivals, to street services – they even include children in a Montessori School.  Greater Toledo really is a Compassionate Community.

How is your community observing 9/11?  You may reply to newsATnainDOTorg.  Or post your compassionate action on the crowd map at http://compassiongames.org


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