Partner City Event in Edmonton Update

Conference May 1 to 4, 2014
Campus of University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

See the updated brochure – Interfaith_brochureMay2014-2

Two days of workshops, panels, films and concerts with presenters from across western Canada including sessions on:
• Faiths Coming Together to End Homelessness
• Appreciating Gender Identity
• Peace Moving Forward for Refugees, Immigrants and Temporary Workers
• The Use of Music, Symbols and Art in Different Faith Traditions
• Aboriginal Women’s Stories
• Where Science And Religion Meet
• When Dialogue Dissolves: The United Church’s 2012 Boycott, and Jewish Response—A Case Study
• Local and Global Relationships: Canadian Mining Companies outside Canada
• Social Media—Use and Abuse
• The Role of Faith in Social Action and Service
• Youth Peacebuilders: From Tolerance to Appreciation
• Interfaith Hip-Hop
• Can’t We All Get Along Together—Religion and Atheism • and many others.

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