TIO February Update


The Interfaith Observer (TIO) is an independent internet journal about all things interfaith. Each month it goes to more than 12,000 faith and interfaith leaders, including about 2,300 outside the U.S. More than 350 writers have contributed articles. Download back issues. Subscribe for free. Recent articles …

Interfaith Generation Emerging  by Susan Katz Miller

Huston Smith and the Parliament of the World’s Religions  by Rob Sellers

Sweden’s Religious Community Responds to Flood of Refugees  by Birgitta Winberg

Serve2Unite Takes on Violence Fearlessly  by Vicki Garlock

Muslims for Progressive Values Takes on Wahhabism  by Ruth Broyde Sharone

“I’d Like to Help” – A Conversation with Charles Gibbs  by Kozo Hattori

Planning this Year for TIO 2.0  by Paul Chaffee

The whole February 2016 issue

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