TIO Updates for September


The Interfaith Observer (TIO) is an independent internet journal about all things interfaith. Each month it goes to more than 16,000 faith and interfaith leaders, including about 2,300 outside the U.S. More than 300 writers have contributed articles. Download back issues. TIO is free. Recent articles include …
A Letter from Desmond Tutu and William Vendley on the Faiths for Earth Campaign

The Parliament of the World’s Religions: 1893 and 1993 by Katherine Marshall

The Soul of Men in the Hearts of Women by Margaret Wolff

The Top Five Reasons to Study Religion by Gary Laderman

The First Public School in the Country to Require a World Religions Course by Joseph Laycock

An Education Centered on Wisdom by Theodore Timpson

Finding Reliable Interfaith Educational Resources  A TIO Interview

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