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Women of Spirit and Faith is an active intergenerational community nurturing the spiritual leadership of women from diverse spiritual perspectives and faith traditions. The co-founders met at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne in December 2009, where they were inspired by the dynamic women’s voices, the emerging role of women as leaders and the rising interest in the sacred feminine. They envisioned an organization based on shared leadership, collaborative practices, circle processes, deep listening, mindfulness and compassionate action.

In just three years, WSF has anchored numerous events, media platforms and publications:

WSF will convene another large gathering November 7-10, 2013. “Alchemy: Occupy Your Sacred Self”  will bring together almost 300 women of spirit and faith from across North America at the San Francisco Bay Sofitel for three days of circle dialogue, sacred experiences and collaborative spiritual action.  http://womenofspiritandfaith.org/alchemy/


Website: www.womenofspiritandfaith.org

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