Your NAIN Board At Work

NAIN Board 2013

NAIN Board at the MultiFaith Centre [to the left] Top: Chair Rob Hankinson, Secretary Jason Smith, George Stern, Woody Trautman, Judy Trautman, Intern Jonathan Oskins, Gail Allan
Middle: Past Chair Bettina Gray, Drea Parker, Jim Wiggins, Vanessa Gomez Brake, Brian Farr
Bottom: Betsy Wiggins, Sam Muyskens, Jan Swanson, Budd Friend-Jones, Paul Eppinger, Rachael Watcher, Paul Chaffee

 The NAIN Board of Directors is an all-volunteer Board. Directors are elected for four-year terms.  The Board also may appoint up to five two-year Directors.  The Board meets in person for at least a full day prior to the annual Connect, our term for our Annual Convention.  We also meet electronically on a quarterly basis.  Standing and special committees of the Board work throughout the year.

The Program Committee, chaired by Betsy Wiggins and Karen Boyett [absent due to health concerns], report included a preview of the 2013 Toronto Connect from Gail Allan.  One of the outstanding features of the Toronto Connect is the large number of young adult attendees – almost one third of the overall attendance.  In a preview of the Detroit 2014 Connect, Betsy noted that Gail Katz has assembled a large planning committee which is already extremely active.  We also have proposals for at least two hosts of upcoming Connects.  This is a wonderful prospect, as we have not always had a lineup of prospective Connect hosts.

Betsy announced that NAIN has received a $2,000 grant from URI to be put toward young adult activities.  We are very grateful for this support.

The Finance Committee report reviewed the 2012 budget and actual expenses and discussed the proposed budget for 2013 which was presented and accepted at the Annual General Meeting [AGM].  We decided to add $1000 for legal considerations and a stipend for executive travel.  We continue to increase our support of Young Adults.

Chairs Jason Smith and Drea Parker discussed the Young Adults Committee report.  Highlights of their year include a fine list of 2013 scholars, a successful series of webinars, and a Young Adult attendance of over 50 at the Toronto Connect.  This is a wonderful affirmation of NAIN’s intentions to increase participation of Young Adults.  It was decided to re-define young adults from ages 18 – 30.  The committee will investigate the legal and programmatic considerations of including younger youth in our Connects.

We had a very nice buffet luncheon at the MultiFaith Center.

George Stern presented the Membership report.  We have 62 members with some new member applications in process.  Details regarding membership are on our website at  NAIN Associate Members will now be called Individual Members.  Individual memberships are encouraged for those who have an interest in NAIN, but do not have a member organization nearby.

The Communications Committee Chairs Vanessa Gomez Brake, Judy Trautman and Rachael Watcher have re-developed the public website which now also hosts the blog.  Rachael is working hard to re-develop the members’ worksite to include attractive tools for member organizations, communication listservs [email lists], and a polling process for membership application approval by the Board.  Our intern Jonathan Oskins has worked primarily on social media – Facebook and Twitter.  Our Facebook page has now reached a milestone – over 1000 ‘likes’.  Please subscribe to the blog and visit our website and Facebook page for updates

The Bylaws Committee, chaired by Jim Wiggins and Brian Farr with consultation by Don Mayne, presented a full revision to align the bylaws with New State law, where NAIN is incorporated.  These revised bylaws were accepted at the AGM.

The Board Development and Nominations Committee, chaired by Jim Wiggins and Grove Harris will be active next year as several Board terms are ending.  Jim requested recommendations for the slate of nominees.

The Executive Committee will meet with the local Connect planning committee in Detroit in mid-March.  Other Board members will join electronically on the second day.

Save the date! Next year’s Connect is in Detroit at Wayne State University, August 10 – 13.  We look forward to re-CONNECTing there.

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