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North American Interfaith Network

We affirm humanity’s diverse and historic spiritual resources

NAIN Connect November 7, 12-6 (Pacific), 3-9 (Eastern)!

Join us Sunday, November 7th (daylight savings!), for the annual NAIN Connect happening online. The event will take place from 12-6pm (Pacific), 3-9pm (Eastern). theme will focus on community, building it, sustaining it, and learning from it. More information and registration can be found HERE and on the Connect page

In March of 2021,The North American Interfaith Network updated its bylaws to better equip our trans-national organization and better serve the religiously diverse community of North America. We have replaced our Board with a smaller Business Board and created the NAIN Council. 
The Business Board is charged with the task of managing day to day tasks. The purpose of the NAIN Council is to highlight the rich and diverse expertise found within NAIN. The NAIN Council gives advice and support to the Board and NAIN staff.  The NAIN Council provides the spiritual leadership and visioning for NAIN. The NAIN Council gives the organization a solid foundation of strategic and diverse thought leadership for NAIN to continue its work in the most inclusive and thoughtful manner. 

 The Network recognizes and affirms humanity’s diverse and historic spiritual resources and bring these to bear in resolving contemporary global, national, regional and local issues.